In image photography, we focus on grasping the essence of visual communication and emotions related to a product or service. Our aim is to enhance the beauty and functionality of the subject matter. Originally and with taste. We undertake comprehensive photo session service . In the first place, we try to get the maximum necessary information about the image goals, the photo of which should be a carrier. We get to know the product, examine the competition, talk with the client. Next, we suggest a ready-to-accept session concept . During the session, we use rich technical equipment which guarantees obtaining the highest quality image . Photos are subjected to advanced graphic processing in Camera RAW, and the perfect HIGH END retouch is done using professional software.


Product photography is a key, and at the same time basic marketing element . In the era of e-commerce, professional product photos are now the basis for sales success. Thanks to them your clients make a purchase decision , and your offer stands out on the market among competitors. In addition, they build the credibility of the product as well as the positive image of the company.
The picture of the product may be a traditional PACKSHOT on a uniform background or a photograph of an object on the background of a specially prepared set design. We provide both types of photos. We advise and suggest using our many years of experience in the advertising industry. By completing the orders, we refine each shot in terms of composition, lighting and technique so that get the best out of the product . Photographed objects have precisely exposed details, are sharp and in high resolution. We provide professional photography of clothing for online stores (ghost photos, mannequin, flatshot, and model), MAKRO photos of small items and pictures of large-size products. We prepare a photo set, we make sure that the product is in impeccable condition. Product photos taken by our team are subjected to professional post-production ; graphic processing and retouching. Our graphic designers will take care of precise cutting out the product from the background and clean the object of dust spots or dirt. We deliver finished product photos in two formats: .JPG and .PNG – without background. We also take photos with a shadow effect or mirror image. We prepare final photos of products in print or web resolution .



We take pictures in the field of architectural photography. Facilities such as shopping centers, production halls or warehouses, office interiors, conference rooms, restaurants, hotels, as well as company facilities are photographed with attention to every detail, to best illustrate the character of the place immortalized in the pictures. We use ultra-wide-angle lenses for interior photography and objects . We take pictures of the architecture of the building, as well as interiors and arrangements. Do you need professional office photos? Or maybe you want to rent a flat? Regardless of whether you are a corporate customer and want to show the world a new office building that will inspire admiration and raise prestige or an individual customer who sells the house – we are the answer to your needs. We work with experienced interior decorators and set designers. We can arrange space, show each property from the best side. We make professional photos looking for the best frames and favorable light. Photographs are subjected to retouching, which masks possible imperfections and brings out the atmosphere of the place. Do you want to attract customers’ attention with a bird’s eye view or? We also have professional equipment that allows you to take pictures from high altitude . Are you looking for a different perspective, an interesting aerial view to show the object and the surrounding area? In this way you will get an attractive image that will be used to promote and shape the image.