Designing effective advertising materials is an art that aims to shape the brand image . Starting from the logotype, through the appearance of the packaging, and on the advertising ending each potential customer repeatedly meets the brand and develops an opinion about it. It is extremely important to draw the attention of the customer and focus it on the message or to excite in it positive emotions and associations . The essence of an advertising project is just that achieving the intended goal.

We can shape a positive image through both an aesthetic packaging design , a visually consistent advertising campaign on social media , or an eye-catching advertising folder . There are many possibilities. We can help you with this!

When preparing graphic designs, we share our extensive advertising experience with our clients. We advise and recommend the most effective solutions in the field of image creation and promotion. We complete the advertising projects we have entrusted to us . We approach orders with great attention to detail and the end result. We design advertisements, banners and other graphics so that they are legible, aesthetic and professional. At the same time, we create a creative that surprises and draws attention in an original way, according to the specific strategy . We implement projects of various advertising materials BTL for printing : folders, leaflets, posters, catalogs, as well as any advertising and web materials . We create logotypes, symbols, icons, logos, and projects in the photomontage technique. We implement projects based on previously taken photos or use stock materials at the customer’s request. Together with a team of graphic artists and animators we also implement larger projects in the field of: 2D visualization, animations 2D, illustrations, cinemagraphs, 3D visualizations and 3D animations.