Product videos are a modern method of presenting the company’s offer. Advertising product spots are a great marketing tool regardless of the size of the company. Almost every company uses advertising films that effectively support sales. These films perfectly illustrate the features of the product, its functionality, possible applications. In addition, the use of a moving image enriches the advertising message with emotions, which enhances its effectiveness. It is through the product video that you expose the best and most important product features . We give the audience of the advertising spot the opportunity to learn about the product, take a look at it from many perspectives, see the benefits and assess the potential benefits resulting from its purchase. These analyzes are made mainly based on the attractiveness of the image and the effectiveness of the transmitted advertising content. Sometimes a static product image is not enough. Customers want more. They buy with their eyes. We are aware of this and that is why we meet your expectations! If you are introducing a new product to the market, you want to get an effective tool for its promotion and sales – contact us! We are responsible for the overall production of the product film. We receive a product and orientation guidelines from you. We can provide comprehensive support for advertising spot preparation . Propose a scenario , prepare copywriting , arrange a movie set and set design if the product is to be shown in a specific context. Based on the client’s requirements and expectations, we choose the right lighting, frames and perspectives. During the production of the film we focus on the product at maximum , extracting its benefits, quality of workmanship, materials used, and detail. For a full picture, use the 360 ° rotating platform . The film, recorded with several lenses and at various angles, exerts a huge impression on the clients. In addition, it is compounded by the option of accelerating the rotation of the platform and releasing them. We also produce film productions made by frame-stopping technique. For the production of advertising spots, we select the appropriate background music , which will adequately add dynamics to the film or introduce a mellow sublime mood. We make sure that the message of the product film is clear and clear. To strengthen the power of the message, we enrich films in infographics . They help focus the Customer’s attention on the product’s properties while giving the film an attractive form. Graphic elements are a great diversion of the film image, and an effective tool for presenting detailed data, which are better remembered by the recipients of ads. The use of infographics is also extremely beneficial in the case of concentration of sales and promotions on the internet. Especially when the target audience of the advertising spot uses mobile devices. In the post-production process, we also use animations , which are a spectacular addition to the product movie. We can do the animation of the logotype itself, assemble elements of 2D / 3D animation into a product movie or create an animation from scratch.



Corporate films are a great tool to build the company’s image. An advertising spot is one of the most effective forms of promotion that instantly gains a wide audience reach. Corporate ads are a great source of knowledge about the company, employees’ competencies, and products offered. The possibilities and scope of the message are unlimited. Just like the benefits of investing in advertising production. We specialize in the implementation of video and image sessions, and our offer is directed at both to small enterprises and large corporations . Regardless of whether your company is just entering the market, or whether it wants to strengthen its leading position – the corporate film you have created on the website will constitute a permanent element of the company’s promotion . It will enrich the offer and interest potential customers. Published in social media – will draw the attention of current customers, and they, through their reactions will have a positive impact on building your image.


We provide comprehensive photographic and film support for events . We create film relations from conferences and company events, photo sessions, fashion shows, charity events, cultural and sports events, as well as concerts. Our projects are dynamic, full of energy and reflect the mood prevailing during the event. Videos and video reports from events are a good and proven form of promotion for effective building the image of companies. The film and photographic materials we provide create a coherent and effective advertising tool.


Choosing the right form of promotion is extremely important. We know that the use of advanced film techniques affects the increase in the company’s credibility and prestige . An investment in a product film simply pays off. He builds a positive and modern image of the company. It builds a reputation and a strong position in the industry. This is a proposal for companies that consciously want to shape their image . Ready? After initial recognition of your expectations, we develop a detailed film production concept . We create a scenario, we choose the right models, set design or location for filming. Depending on the project, we complete the necessary props, equipment and a team of people – make-up artist, hairdresser, stylist, stage designer, assistant. After a well-made film set, the material undergoes a professional stage of post-production. In the film, we can use the client’s logo animation, infographics, if necessary, also enrich the voice of the teacher or subtitles. We give the production the right mood by adjusting the colors and sound.